Licensing stolen/leaked code as GPL

Andrei Frumusanu luxneb at
Mon Jul 22 02:24:38 CEST 2013


It has come to my attention that a recent internal leak of Samsung's  
kernel-space exFat driver implementation has been making the rounds around  
the web. Nothing we can do about that, what is out, is out.

However a certain user "rxrz" went a bit too far with his actions:

He basically has stripped the original code clean of all Samsung  
proprietary license marks and threw GPL tags on it.

When confronted with the issue; he came with the most unbelievable retort:

This went as far as being posted on Phoronix as a legitimate driver:

Clearly this is a breach of the most severe matter. Samsung has been made  
aware of it, but there has been no response on the matter yet. I expect  
nothing less than a DCMA takedown of the repository.

> "It's a leaked code of a proprietary exfat driver, written by Samsung,  
> Inc. It works, you can use it. What else do you want, a signed paper  
> from your parents on whether you can or can not use it? I'm a  
> programmer, not a lawyer. You got the code, now decide what to do with  
> it, it's up to you."

What is wrong with such persons? This is insane.

Andrei F.

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