Mikrotik source

al al at blogmail.cc
Tue Dec 15 18:27:48 CET 2009

al wrote:
> I think we can make a version of text that Paolo sent to Unixmedia to 
> send to Mikrotik.
> They are using GNU/Linux and they make changes and they don't providing 
> to distribute their changes, then it could be judged as a violation of 
> the GNU General Public License, which requires that source code should 
> be distributed,  it is not possible make their software and market it 
> without distributing the source code.
> But I need some help, my english is not good and I don't know about 
> legal expressions.
> If you want, we're work in text in our wiki:
> http://wiki.guifi.net/wiki/index.php/Contact_to_Mikrotik_to_stop_violate_GPL 
> Thanks.

We made some modifications.

Do you think is ready to send it to Mikrotik?

PD: (sorry for top-post before)

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