TomTom GPL violation

Stéphan stephan.rafin at
Thu Jan 31 23:15:59 CET 2008

Hi all,

I have bought a TOMTOM GO 520 device for christmas  and wanted to recompile 
the kernel to activate some additional features (gadget USB and so on...)
But,  i realized that the source code they provide on  is not up to date. In fact, it looks like this 
page has not been updated for a long time while many software updates have 
been released.
For instance, the latest available Linux kernel is build 1725 whereas  build 
2318 is installed on my device.
I have several exchanges with the French support asking for up-to-date GPL 
source code.
I was very polite and factual but after delaying the answer several times they 
end up answering : The new releases of kernel will not be available as source 
code because our SDK is no longer available for free with  version 7 !
Of course, i don't care about their commercial SDK. I only wish GPL license to 
be enforced.
So any help would be welcome ...

Many thanks in advance


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