Various Media STB possible violations

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon Feb 18 22:07:35 CET 2008

Hi All,

I started this email about MVix media players but with a little google
work it seems a lot of the Media Players out there that are based on
Sigma Design chips. The only release from them that I can find is a
kernel here from 2003 for their EM8500
series of chips. Nothing as yet for the em86xx chips that most of
these devices seem to be based on.

Of the devices I've mentioned my Sarotech device before here

When I started writing this email I was looking at other similar
devices. It looks like the MVix devices are in the same category. All
the 5 devices listed across the top of the page list uClinux as their
OS under technical details. They all run on some type of Sigma Designs
processor (either the EM8621L or EM8511). I've submitted a email on
their contact page (I had to reboot to windows and run IE to get this
to submit) so we'll wait and see if I get a response. By downloading
the firmware you can extract the romfs using the command I found here also from
reading this wiki it seems that the community there haven't seen any
firmware from MVix.

And there's also another one I found here
where it seems that people are hunting for unreleased code too.

A very quick search of the legal list sees a couple of mentions some
of the players previously so it looks like not much has changed.


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