Possible GPL Violation: Power IndiaBulls trading software

Yesudeep yesudeep at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 08:12:47 CET 2008

Power IndiaBulls is an application in wide use by innumerable people
at this given point in time.  The GPL'd code used directly in this program is
com.Ostermiller.util.Browser and com.Ostermiller.util.BrowserCommandLexer.

A request for source code from the company contact helpdesk
helpdesk at indiabulls.com went unanswered.

Also the About dialog of this application claims IndiaBulls as sole
Copyright holder.  The package code included as mentioned above in this
case is Copyrighted by Stephen Ostermiller.

You may read more about his choice of license at this page:

And his package:

The application in question is available for download in binary (Java
bytecode) form as a Zip (.jar) archive from:

A direct link to the download:

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