Safecom swamr-54108 questions

Matthew Seth Flaschen superm40 at
Thu Nov 24 17:35:16 CET 2005

You can figure out the compliance yourself pretty easily.  First, is the GPL license in the box you got?  It might be in the documentation or on a CD.  If not, they are not in compliance.  Either way, check for the source on the CD.  If it's not there, they are in violation of copyright law unless you see a specific written offer to see the source code by writing to a particular address (the offer may be in the documentation)

-Matthew Flaschen

> Hi,
> I've just bought the 802.11b/g + 4x100baseT router named
> in the subject from a local shop here in the UK. From a
> quick ssh session, it's obviously running linux, busybox,
> etc., I guess with the TI ar7 chip which has been discussed
> in some posts on this lists (I've just read the last 9
> months' archives).
> I gather Safecom ( ) supply the same
> equipment as "Origo".
> The manual I had for a previous Safecom product
> identified itself as being for a Sitecom router, so Sitecom
> may also be the same or related (anyone know?)
> I've visited the forums, at
> where I apparently missed all the fun, as it seems a lot of
> GPL-related discussions were purged by the forum admins,
> and GPL-related posts are now confined to the
> non-technical part of the forum... (I am sure some list
> members could make informed and valuable comments
> to the officially allowed GPL thread, at
> )
> Anyway, my questions are:
> - does anyone know the status of GPL compliance in
> relation to this and other "Safecom" products?
> - if and when Safecom are fully in compliance with
> the GPL, is it likely that it will be possible to run the
> device on alternative, fully open software as is the
> case with some other routers (assuming their
> product is typical of this type of TI ar7 box.)?
> If anyone is interested, I can provide whatever
> information anyone wants about the contents of the
> box, within the limits of my technical ability to retrieve
> it without opening the case :-) (there are ftp and tftp
> services on it, as well as ssh access.)
> Cheers,
> - Pete.

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