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Armijn Hemel armijn at uulug.nl
Sat Aug 20 13:39:48 CEST 2005


> " Once installed, the Retail Box product includes......"
> Is this acceptable? I honestly do not know? Seems to me the GPL license would have to be on the actual CD since the cd itself is at least partially covered by it. Maybe I do not plan on installing it just want to know my rights and possibly copy it and share it, how would I know what license it is? 

The GPL does not mention anything about this, just that it has to be
accompanied by.

> My other concern - Will you be following up on this? How will we know they actually do any of this?

I have contacted Linspire again about this. I forwarded them this e-mail
(it's public anyway, it's in the archives) and I hope to get a response
early next week.

> So it is okay to violate the GPL, even knowingly and then just offer a apology and a promise to fix said violation?

What else can I do? They don't ship software I have any copyrights on. What
can they do? Have all boxes returned, add a CD or written offer and send
them back again? That's not feasible.

> "So, seems all in order to me..."
> So you anonymously requested a source CD for a older version say 4.5.189 and they have mailed you one right out and you have received it? THAT would be some proof of everything being in order, seems to me anyway. I personally receive no response from that email address. I personally feel that instead of immediately contacting them about issues like this, some investigation should be done to find out exactly whether they are in compliance or not before giving them the heads up and giving them the oppourtuniy to cover their backsides and make all kinds of excuses and promises. I informed them back in march that either the source cd had to be included in the box set or at least the written offer and they assured me it was a oversight and would be corrected. Then they told me to submit a support ticket to request a source cd. I was then informed by the support person that they do not offer source CDs! Then I was told to send a email to the sourcecode at linspire address. I received nothing! So I am afraid you will have to forgive me for not believing they are sincere.

Well, I was assuming you meant the latest version, because you never
mentioned a specific version. About contacting them directly: I think it's
not a "them vs. us". If this resolves the issue quicker I think it's for the
better. Did you check their source code download btw?

> But thank you for your time and advice in the matter, I feel this is a serious issue and will take another avenue of action....

Of course it is a serious issue. I'm curious what your other "avenue of
action" would be. Remember that if you go to court, you'd better be
prepared well enough (as in: make sure they violate your copyright).

You might want to read this book before you take any action:



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